Where NUPROAS can help you in editing a manuscript?

  • You have good and exciting results to communicate. However, by a lack of training or most frequently by a lack of time, you can not present them in an appropriate form for their evaluation.
  • How these few or simple results have been published in a high ranking journal? This is a common question sometimes scientists ask for. The answer is easy: The manuscript was well written and organized, without superfluous text. The hypotheses and objectives were clear. The methods were well developed. The main findings were well summarized. In the Introduction, authors were able to point to the need of their research. In the Discussion, the authors were able to point to the added value of their contribution to the current knowledge on the field.
  • A direct relationship exist between poor written articles and a high rejection rate. On equal scientific merit, a badly written article will have less chance of being accepted.
  • The careless preparation of the manuscript and the poor use of the English language are the main factors for a paper rejection.

Where NUPROAS can help you in preparing a Project or a Protocol?

  • You have good and original ideas for a research. The first point is to formulate a correct Hypothesis. You can formulate several Hypotheses from the same research, but, as a general rule, multiple hypotheses dilute the focus of the Project. The ideal situation is to have one hypothesis. The maximum advisable is to have three linked hypotheses.
  • Objective/es of the Project must be linked to the Hypothesis/es.
  • The achievement of the Objective/es for testing the Hypothesis/es is directly related with the Methods you will apply for. The development of the proper Methodology is a key point for achieving the success of a Project. The results obtained can be rejected if the methodology used is not the proper one. The correct selection of the population involved, the design of the study (parallel , crossover, longitudinal….), the calculation of the sample size required (depending of your end points of interest), and the sensitivity and specificity of the biomarkers used, among other issues, must be carefully examined before to start any type of work.
  • Also, and besides a Protocol, an Operation Manual must be developed with specific indications how the data must be picked up, and how the involved measurements must be performed and recorded. This is mandatory when multiple researchers and technicians are involved in the project, for performing the same task or individuals are scheduled to do multiple tasks in a polyvalent manner. Multicenter studies require also a Common Training Protocol .
  • The creation and management of a proper and structured Centralized Data Base of the Project is the tool which will permit you to have all data together, as well as a structured platform for performing the statistical analyses.
  • And, at least but no less, the appropriate selection of the pool of Statistical Analyses for testing the hypothesis, which models can be and will be more useful to apply, how to select the appropriate confounders variables, etc. are of great importance for the future evaluation and publication of the results in high ranking journals.

NUPROAS, can help you in each one of these steps as well as in developing the whole Project or Protocol.