Dr. M.I.Covas CV

María-Isabel Covas, Founder and Main Scientific Editor

María-Isabel Covas, MS, PhD in Biochemistry, Specialist in Clinical Chemistry. Head of the Cardiovascular Risk and Nutrition Research Group of the Reseach Institut Hospital del Mar (IMIM), Barcelona, Spain (1999-2013). Associated Professor of Biochemistry in the Medicine and Infirmary Schools of Barcelona University (1974-1983) and  Deputy Head of the Clinical Laboratories from Hospital del Mar and Hospital de la Esperanza (1983-1995).  Professor of the Master in Clinical Biochemistry in the Medicine School of Barcelona Autonomic University (1988-2004). Professor of the Master in Clinical Nutrition of Barcelona University (2002-2012).

Coordinator of the Spanish Study: “Antioxidant effects of olive oil. The SOLOS Study” (1996-2010). Coordinator of the European Study: “The effect of olive oil on oxidative damage in European populations. The EUROLIVE Study (QLK1-CT-2001-00287) (2002-2005). Area Coordinator in the PREDIMED Study (The effect of the Mediterranean diet on the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease) (2003-2012), a Spanish Network of Excellence. Head of a Research Group in the CIBER of Physiopatology of Obesity and Nutrition (CIBEROBN) a Spanish Network of Excellence, composed by high excellence Spanish research groups focused in Obesity and Nutrition (2006-2013). Coordinator of the Spanish Study: “Virgin olive oil and HDL functionality. The VOHF Study (2009-2013).

Member of the Scientific Board of the European Institute of Wine and Health (Institut Europeen du Vin et Santé des Regions Vitivinicoles du Sud de l´Europe, IEVSRV), Montpellier, France (1990-2002)). Member of the Steering Committee of the Catalan Nutrition Center (2009-2013).Award from the Spanish Association of Olive Oil Regions (AEMO) to the Excellence in Olive Oil and Health Research (2003). Award Carles Martí Heinneberg from the Spanish Danone Institute to the Excellence in Nutrition Research (2009). Award of the Olive Oil Catalan Denominations of Origin Association (2011) for the Excellence concerning Olive Oil and Health.2018 INC (International Nuts and Dried Fruits Council, U.S.A) Award for Excellence in Research.

Principal Investigator in more than 20 competitive national and international call for grants.

Author of more than 200 scientific papers published in international journals.

Invited lecturer in national and international Congresses and Symposia.

Award Carles Martí Heinneberg from the Spanish Danone Institute to the Excellence in Nutrition Research (2009).

Scientific Editors

The editors at NUPROAS are Ph.D. scientists with considerable experience in developing research protocols and in writing and editing manuscripts submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Our editors:

  1. Will edit and polish your manuscript as needed so it presents your research in the best possible manner. We will correct the English language and style, vocabulary, and flow, and ensuring that it meets the guidelines of the targeted journal.
  2. Will make comments and suggestions regarding aspects of the manuscript that need improvement.

Additionally  our editors can:

  1. Look for new material for supporting the Background or Discussion of the Results
  2. Recommend new statistical approaches
  3. Rewrite the manuscript or protocol.

Statistical Editors

They are biostatiticiens with a large background for assessing biomedical approaches. They can assess which tests are best to perform in each issue.
Additionally our editors can perform the appropriate tests for testing hypotheses on the basis of the data collected and the study design