Projects and Manuscripts sent to NUPROAS need to be completed by the author in English (if there is not a previous arrangement concerning an English translation) in a format that is ready for submission to the intended journal or grant review board. Manuscripts must be sent electronically as an email attachment to

For lectures or other Power Point presentations send the text as a manuscript in Microsoft Word and the Pictures, Photos, Schemes, etc that you want to be attached to the test.

For complicated jobs, you can work with the managing editor through phone or e-mail discussions. For most jobs, though, you can simply e-mail the work with instructions. The managing editor will take it from there.

The following information should be included:

  1. Name and email address of person submitting manuscript.
  2. Complete job address including department, organization, telephone and fax numbers of the person submitting the manuscript.
  3. A second email address or an email address of another author for ensuring you received further e-mails or edited manuscripts.
  4. If the manuscript is intended for publication, the targeted journal. If you are not targeting a specific journal, we will edit the manuscript using general acceptable rules. Please also indicate the type of manuscript you are submitting (Original Research, Letter, Power Point Presentation…etc).
  5. In the case of Grant Applications, please provide the title and observations for the Items the Grant require to be filled.
  6. Please include the references, figures, and tables,they are useful for editing the manuscript.
  7. Please let us know if you want us to include them in the edit. We can ensure they meet the guidelines of the journal and conform to your manuscript. If you do not want them edited, we will only use them as a reference
  8. If you have already submitted your manuscript to a journal, please send us the reviewer’s comments. They will be useful for editing the manuscript. There is no extra cost to review their suggestions. If you have a “response to the reviewers”, we can edit the response and ensure it  corresponds to the edited changes made in the manuscript. The cost to edit the letter will be included in the quote.

In general, you make a request or submit a document by email as an attachment. We acknowledge your request by email and either ask for additional information , give you our first idea about the status of the manuscript, and provide a quote and delivery time.

If you accept the quote and delivery time, you reply with an email authorizing us to proceed with the work.

We do the edit and send you for review with an invoice

You accept the edit and make a payment by check or bank invoice