We charge 38€ per 250 words of text (approximately one page of single sided double space text) for editing and proofreading. The references are not included in the total word count. This price includes:

The document in Microsoft Word showing all the edited changes.

Explanations of any changes we have made to your text plus any suggested additions, where appropriate.

Urgent jobs are charged at 48€ per 250 words of text.

We charge a handling fee of 50€ per project and 30€ per manuscript to cover all processing costs.

We usually complete the editing of a Project in 15 days and that of a Manuscript in 10 days from the acceptance of the quote; 4 days for urgent jobs.

Additional editing or statistical job will be evaluated separately. A quota will be send to you by e-mail

To save you money we do not edit the references or author information unless you request it.