How To Obtain the Best Olive Oil Products

The Olive Tree Product market, particularly when concerning virgin olive oil, is susceptible of fraud. Adulterations of olive oil or extra virgin olive oil have been detected even in sophisticate and well- known brands of olive oil. The key point for purchasing table olives, olive oil, or extra-virgin olive oil is a simple sentence: TO HAVE A SUPPLIER IN WHICH YOU CAN BE CONFIDENT.

To buy olive oils or olive tables with :”Certificate of origin” (Appellation d’origin in French; Denominación de origen in Spanish…) is a first step for ensuring the quality of the product.

The second step is to ensure the quality of the Distributor. In this sense NUPROAS, within the scope of its task of Nutritional Assessment, has developed a line for offering you Olive Tree Products which a guaranted quality. We are directly in contact with our Producers and the Certifications for the Quality Analyses of all offered products are available for consumers.