Vilken oliv olja är rätt för mig?

· You should taste several  olive oils in terms of type, olive variety, country of producers.. etc.
· Within the olive oils which are more compatible for your taste, select the one with the higher polyphenol content  (Virgin olive oils, the bitter and greener).
· Try to use olive oil in raw condition with your meals. Add raw olive oil after you have finished cooking.
· Select olive oils with different tastes to combine with different meals (i.e. stronger for salads, lighter for grilled or boiled fish, sweeter for bread and toast….). Some Mediterranean restaurants have a menu for olive oils, in a similar way in that of wines.
· 25 mL (22 g) (around 2 tablespoons, 1 tablespoon =15 mL)) are safe in terms of weight gain and postprandial (after meals) oxidative stress when they substitute other fat sources. This dose is smaller than that reported as usual consumption in the Mediterranean countries (30-50g /day). This amount has never been associated with gaining weight among consumers when it replaces other fats in our diet.
· The phenolic compounds of an olive protect it from oxidation during cooking. So, we, consumers should use the highest phenolic content olive oil we can afford for cooking purposes.