All documents and correspondence we receive will be treated as confidential information. If you submit a document for a price quotation and do not elect to use our service, we will destroy all paper and electronic copies of your text.

After our services are completed all paper and electronic copies of your documents will be destroyed. At your request, we will conform to non-disclosure agreements and make arrangements for secured transmission of your documents.

We are professionals and take very seriously the confidentiality of our clients’ materials. The Company, including all employees and subcontractors, agree not to disclose to any third party the content of any written material in the form of a document or manuscript submitted by the client.

Our staff members are carefully screened professionals. All sign confidentiality agreements before beginning work for us. Furthermore, only our executive staff has access to your company’s or institution’s and personal information.

Any payment information provided by the client will remain confidential and completely inaccessible to any parties outside of NUPROAS.

Written privacy and/or nondisclosure agreements are willingly signed and adhered to by principals and agents of NUPROAS

We make every possible effort to maintain client confidentiality. However, due to the vulnerability of the Internet, NUPROAS cannot guarantee confidentiality of documents delivered via email.